Introduction to Food Safety and Hygiene Level 3

Babies and young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to the bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

That stresses the importance of keeping the food hygiene in line with your work activity and handling the food safely.

During this course you will not only learn about food safety and hygiene when feeding children and adults at risk, including avoiding food poisoning, preparing, storing and reheating food. You will also find out how to keep your food safe from biological, chemical and physical safety hazards and how to follow legal regulations while preparing policies and procedures.

Learning outcomes:


  • Know basic definitions concerning food safety
  • Know different types of hazards
  • Know what is the danger zone
  • Recognize high risk and safe food
  • Recognize the symptoms of spoilage
  • Recognize the symptoms of food poisoning
  • Learn about bacteria and how to protect food from them
  • Learn about contamination and it’s types
  • Know the rules concerning personal hygiene while dealing with food
  • Know what to accept and what to reject during delivery
  • Know rules concerning food storage and preparation
  • Know how to keep the area where food is prepared tidy and how to use the tools
  • Know about basic legal rules concerning food safety
  • Know how to supervise/manage food deliveries, storage and production


  • Feel safe and be sure your staff and clients are safe and protected
  • Know how to control potential hazards
  • Know how to prevent contamination
  • Know how to keep the high hygiene standards
  • Know how to manage/supervise food handlers

Course content:

  • Introduction to food safety
  • Microbiological hazards
  • Contamination hazards and control
  • Food Poisoning and it’s control
  • A.C.C.P.
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Food Premises and equipment
  • Pests and control
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • UK food law
  • The management of staff and corrective procedures
  • Examination


Course outcome: Certificate in Food safety and Hygiene Level 3

The course is aimed at anyone who manages/ supervises in a setting where food is cooked, prepared, handled and stored


Methods used during the training: presentation, short lectures, group discussion, individual work, group work.

Course duration: 18 hours

Course cost: £ 175.00 per person

Trainer: John Anderson is the principle trainer in the company with over 26 years training experience and started working in the area of Food Hygiene and Safety in 1982 whilst living in Belgium. He delivers and develops various courses in Childcare, Healthcare and Dentistry.


Contact details: phone consultant in the office: 0208445412