A child’s behaviour can, at times be challenging and we need to understand the motivation behind this behaviour. This course will help staff to improve the lives of people who display challenging behaviour as it is concerned with how staff can support children and young people to replace the behaviours with positive actions.

Learning outcomes:


  • Understand toddlers and Challenging behaviour
  • Understand why per-schoolers defy
  • Understand how to help kids handle anger
  • Understand how to encourage positive behavior

Course content:

  • What is Challenging behaviour?
  • What are the different triggers for Challenging behaviour?
  • What are the best engagement strategies?
  • Different forms of Challenging behaviour
  • Motivating Positive behaviour
  • Behaviour management plans

Course outcome:

Certificate in Challenging Behaviour Level 2


Methods used during the training: presentation, short lectures, group discussion.

Course duration: 3 hours

Course cost: £75.00 per person

Trainer: John Anderson is the principle trainer and facilitator in the company with over 26 years training experience and has been involved in Safeguarding since 1976. He delivers and develops various courses in Childcare, Healthcare and Dentistry.


Contact details: phone consultant in the office: 0208445412