Paediatric First Aid Level 3

In 2011/12 in London over 150 infants and children were taken to hospitals with life-threatening heart conditions.

Paediatric First Aid is the immediate help we give a child or infant before the arrival of qualified medical help. This is a legal requirement under the ‘Children Act 2004’ which states that anyone looking after other people’s children under the age of 5 years must hold a recognised Paediatric First Aid Qualification.

Learning outcomes:


  • Practice how do to CPR with an infant/child
  • Know different types of injuries and fractures and methods of treatment
  • Know how to treat people in shock and be able to recognize different causes of shock
  • Know how to deal with an infant/child who is chocking
  • Know how to react when infant/child has an allergic reaction
  • Practice how to place an infant/child in the recovery position
  • Practice how to take an infant’s/child’s pulse


  • Receive a certificate valid for 3 years
  • Know how to recognise and treat different potentially life-threatening medical conditions, injuries and illnesses
  • Know how to react in an emergency situation with an infant or child

Course content:

Unit 1

  • Introductions
  • Unit 1.1 Role of the Paediatric First aider
  • Unit 1.2 Primary survey
  • Unit 1.3 Secondary assessment
  • Unit 1.4 Resuscitation and epilepsy
  • Unit 1.5 Airway obstruction
  • Unit 1.6 Wounds and bleeding
  • Unit 1.7 Shock and anaphylaxis
  • Examination


Unit 2

  • Introductions
  • Unit 2.1 Bones, joints and muscle injuries
  • Unit 2.2 Head and spinal injuries
  • Unit 2.3 Foreign body and eye injuries
  • Unit 2.4 Chronic medical conditions and illness
  • Unit 2.5 Effects of heat and cold
  • Unit 2.6 Electric shock incidents
  • Unit 2.7 Burns and scalds
  • Unit 2.8 Poisoning
  • Unit 2.9 Bites and stings
  • Examination


The course is dedicated to teachers, teaching assistants, childminders, managers and staff in nurseries and everyone whose work is related to children between 0 and 5 years old.


Methods used during the training: presentation, short lectures, group discussion, individual work, group work.

Course duration: 12 hours

Course cost: £90.00 per person

Trainer: John Anderson is the principle trainer and facilitator in the company with over 26 years training experience and has been involved in First Aid since 1965. He delivers and develops various courses in Childcare, Healthcare and Dentistry.


Trainer: Aga Pozniak – trainer, facilitator and assessor. Specializes in the interpersonal skills, teaching tools and change management. She also designs courses and develops training materials. The purpose of her trainings is to achieve a visible results and change. Development of her participants is her main goal.


Contact details: phone consultant in the office: 0208445412